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Kobe Bryant Pau Gasol

Það þarf ekki að koma á óvart að hann veldi samherja sinn til margra ára, Pau Gasol.

ESPN Los Angeles fjallar um formálann sem hann skrifaði í nýja bók Gasol, „Life/Vida“.

Bryant writes that „If I could choose my brother,“ it would be Gasol. That „he would have the highest basketball IQ in the league“ and „you’d have to search and search and you still would not find another player in the history of the game with his skill set.“

That „if his organization ever let him down, he would hold his head up high“ and „would not lash out or let himself become entangled in the drama.“ That „we would both face adversity in our professions, so we would talk about our lives and our careers and the pressures of our celebrity“ and that „our bond would be fortified by a trust only brothers share.“

Klárlega betri ástarsaga en Twilight.

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